School Mascot

Faculty & Staff

Name Title E-mail Ext.
Mr. Kevin Pullan Principal 12570
Mrs. Laurie Goodsell Assistant Principal 12586
Mrs. Betsy Goodwin Head Secretary 12571
Mrs. Julie Anglin Office Assistant 12572
Mrs. Brittany Allred Office Assistant 12573
Mrs. Jane Basinger Office Assistant 12509
Mr. Trevor Thomas Custodian 12575
Mr. A.J. Walkowski Nurse 12501
Ms. Jodie Ball Special Education 12577
Ms. Darinka Trujillo Special Education 12551
Mr. Preston Tenney Guidance 12583
Ms. Julie Sorenson Speech 12578
Ms. Wendy Gomez Speech 12587
Pat McLaughlin Kitchen Manager 12576
Track Email Ext.
Ms. Elisha Cheung D 12504
Mrs. Lindsay Knudsen A 12503
Mrs. Sandi McCleary C 12502
Mrs. Debbie Welch C 12522
Mrs. Nathalie Ancian C- French Immersion 12515
Miss. Jenny Bentley B 12589
Mrs. Julie Downard D 12512
Ms. Cindy Heinecke C- French Immersion 12513
Miss. Jessica VanTassell A 12516
Mrs. Kristen Clegg B 12502
Mrs. Margot Desmet C- French Immersion 12525
Mrs. Tiffanie Margetts A- team teaches with Mrs. Shipp  12523
Mrs. Heather Shimp (Connor) C- French Immersion 12584
Mrs. Jessica Shipp A- team teaches with Mrs. Margetts 12523
Mrs. Breanne Stump D 12524
Mrs. Chlena Watkins D 12526
Miss. Natalee Biggs C- French Immersion 12531
Mrs. Sherry Larson A 12533
Mrs. Christine Lilly D 12534
Mrs. Jessica Louk C- French Immersion 12542
Ms. Selma Moric A 12505
Mrs. Janelle Morrill D- team teaches with Mrs. Treglown 12535
Mrs. Elayne Taylor B 12532
Mrs. Kimberly Treglown D- team teaches with Mrs. Morrill  12535
Mr. Jean-Marc Ancian C- French Immersion 12511
 Mrs. Clareen Arnold  D  12582
Mr. Dan Burrell C- French Immersion 12518
Mrs. Casandra Clifford  D 12544
Ms. Amy Martz Part time- No track
Mrs. DeAnn Matthews  B 12521
Ms. Tiffany Rogers Part time- No track
Mr. Ken White  A 12543
Mrs. Deborah Hanson  D 12554
Mrs. Mona-Lisa Kennedy  B 12553
Ms. Cindy Park C- French Immersion  12506
Ms. Lindsey Pettibone A 12555
Mrs. Kelli Nichols D 12561
Mrs. Danielle Walker C- French Immersion 12514
Mrs. Jan Morales D 12582
Miss Mallory Dawson A 12561
Ms. Karine Machacek  C- French Immersion 12507
Mrs. Linaea Ockey B 12563
Mrs. Jolene Pruyt D 12564
Mr. George Strano C- French Immersion