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New Student Enrollment

Jordan School District schools can process new student enrollments online using the Skyward online registration system.  Please go to the following link: Skyward Family AccessOpens in a new window

If you have questions on which schools are in your boundary, please visit the Jordan School District Boundary LocatorOpens in a new window page.

If you wish to apply for a school outside your boundary, please visit the Jordan School District School ChoiceOpens in a new window page.

Please Note: Once you have completed the online enrollment portion, you may either upload the following documents to the online app or take the following required forms to the school to complete the process:

For more information, please visit the Jordan School District Registration & Enrollment pageOpens in a new window or contact the Planning & Student ServicesOpens in a new window department.

Online Student Registration Information
Students who are returning to Fox Hollow need to complete the following steps to make sure we have updated information for your student: 
  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Login to FAMILY ACCESS"
  3. Enter your Parent "login" and "password." Online enrollment can only be accessed using the PARENT login and password.

Once you have logged into your Family Access, click on the tab 'Registration for School' and choose the student for whom you wish to verify enrollment. This will be done for each of your students at our school.  You are now ready to begin the 13-step process to register your student.

**Parents using Google Chrome as your browser, please note that if you are  having problems getting beyond steps 7 & 8, you will need to minimize the window after each step, not close it.  The pop-up hides the “next” button. The parent will then be able to complete that step and move to the next step. You can also change the browser and try again.

Students Returning From Charter Schools

If your student is currently attending a Utah public charter school, they may be enrolled in their Jordan School District boundary school the following school year provided notice is given to the boundary school on or before June 30th. If an application for admission is submitted during the current school year or after June 30th, the student may be enrolled provided the school has adequate capacity in the student's grade level or required core classes.

Middle School Registration

Students from Fox Hollow Elementary will attend Sunset Ridge Middle School.