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Student Safety & Prevention Plan

Fox Hollow Elementary Safe Walking Route

Please click on the link below to access the safe walking routes.


2023-24 Safe Walking Route

Parking Lot Procedures

Parking Lot Procedure 23-24

Parking Lot Map

You will notice when you pull onto school grounds from the south there are barriers to block off the pull-thru lane.  If you want to park and exit your vehicle, please turn left and park your car in a stall, exit your vehicle with your student and then cross at the crosswalk.  If you want to drop your student off, please stay to the right and pull all the way forward and let your child out on the passenger side of the vehicle, directly onto the sidewalk.  Once your student is safely on the sidewalk, pull out into the pull-thru lane and you may proceed SLOWLY to exit school grounds.  Our number one concern and priority is to keep our students safe.  We need everyone's help to accomplish this.  Please be aware of people crossing, slow down and follow staff directions.  If everyone follows these procedures, the parking lot will run much smoother.  There is a video and pictures on the website that show what these new procedures look like.  Thank you for all your help in helping us keep kids safe.

Parking Lot procedures


Fox Hollow Prevention Plan 22-23