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Cold Weather

When the temperature is below 21 degrees Fahrenheit (the windchill temp on Weather.comOpens in a new window) or if precipitation is coming down that will soak the students – we will call a Red Day and students will be kept inside. Please encourage your students to dress appropriately for the weather and to come prepared for recess out in the cold. When kids have the right gear, they can have a fun along with a well needed quick break outside, even when it’s a little chilly out.

Students will also be kept inside if the air quality is above 90 on the particulate matter scale. See Utah’s Department of Environment QualityOpens in a new window website for details of current conditions. You can also view this document for a visual description of the guidelines we follow.

Orange flags will be posted on the exterior of the building to indicate to students that they are to come inside the building before school starts or go directly into their portable. When the flags are posted, students are to come in through their grade level doors to walk to their classroom.